Friday, May 23, 2008

yes i know it has been AGES since i pour down my thoughts here, gosh how time last post was abt a year ago!! well, lots and lots of things happened along the trail. i finally, i repeat, i finally got married nov 07. i always thought that i will never have someone to share my life with. it has been a very long journey for me, it took me about a year to battle thru to be finally united to the chosen soul. i was fighting lots with emos & feelings to get mom's blessing. and eventually with all the support i have from my siblings, dad, relatives, friends i managed to brave thru it. i'm just so thankful to all the souls who have been there for me, i can't thank god enough for this, alhamdulillah.
looking back thru the years, my life is all about fighting, battling to be in control of myself, to do what i want to do, to go where i want to be. i never have myself when everything is being watched and decided for, not till few years back. too many sad, bad things that i wondered till now how did i ever managed thru that all and the best thing is the world didnt have any clue, not even those who are close to me! i am always a chirpy person as people see, a person for a friend to call in the middle of night to inform she had broke up with boyfriend or to share a secret that she had a boob job done, for siblings to call anytime when they are in need, for a niece to ask to buy her a new pencilbox. no i'm not complaining, i am proud to be all ears and shoulders to those who see me as being capable and reliable to ease their burden a bit if not more. yes, i have never put myself first and that has what put me in with the situation.
well, the pursuit is still on-going, this is what my life is all about...striving for happiness, peace & harmony...... solitary.