Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Spent half a day at hun's parents' house for christmas yesterday. What a colorful and joyful time i had. I did not managed to join them last year and this year's the first time i ever had a real experience of being in another culture's celebration. There, i witness the true Malaysian spirit and the joy of caring and sharing. Hun's beautiful family with his multi-racial brothers in law and hun's younger brother's girlfriend, tudung-clad Rozita were all in a merry spirit celebrating this togetherness. Exchanging gifts, seeing the happy faces of nieces, Nalisha, Lea, Marie Ann & Arielle with their bundle of gifts from uncles and aunties were part of the merry moments. I brought chicken rendang & chocolate fudge i made the nite before. 1st try on the fudge, it turned out a bit softy.

The highlight event was the karaoke session i must say. Unexpectedly, the 11-year old Marie Ann sang to a Malay traditional song called Seri Langkat which i myself not so familiar to. All of us then joint in and sang merrily, it was so much fun indeed. And yes we were also entertained by the real singer, Peter, hun's brother in law with renditions from DJ Dave, Jamal Abdillah, Engelbert Humperdinck & Kenny Rogers. Nalisha, abang Nazri's daughter also proved that she does have a melodious voice when she did a duet over Jamal Abdillah's song with her dad. We left the day with me feeling a bit lagged but happy inside :)

Marie Ann, Arielle & Lea

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Yikes, i feel like sooo backdated, not new to blogs...juz green in blogging. Hehh, why wasn't i in the statistic? Well, confidence i guessed. Yeah you guys might say - heck, juz write what you feel like writing, who cares! I know, i know...it's juz a matter of time that now, only now i'd dare to put my thoughts into words. Hmm...call it The Calling! ;)

For as long as i breathe, i've had my fair share in flavours of life. All those emo batterings in my journey to live a life...huuh, can never be erased. I am and always thankful to God for His blessings. I resigned myself to His qada & qadar. Never forget Him and you shall never be forgotten.

I'm so thankful now that after umpteen years, after those trials & tribulations or shall i put it - turbulences..., i have finally found my lost soul. Hun doesn't only bring colours of love to my gloomy soul but he's feeding with strength & passion as well. Where were you all this while? that's my question to you hun...If only you came earlier, i wouldn't be in the dark pit for this long. Yeah, things happen for a reason. My knight-in-shining-armour u are I.V.! TQ hun.